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Spring '16 Season will start April 29th 2016!




Sign-ups are now open!

Sign-ups will be open until March 21st.


  • The Spring Season will run from April 29th through June 17th/24th.

  • Spring will consist of 8 weeks; 6 weeks regular season, playoffs, then championship night. 

  • Teams are guaranteed 7 games.

  • Game times are not set yet and the first game will either start at 6:00, 6:30, or 7:00.

  • We have a schedule built to hold up to 8 teams this season.

  • Games will be played again at Smokin Joes in Niagara Falls, NY.


You will be able to sign-up online from the comfort of your own home. 

  • Sign-ups will be first come first serve.

  • You will be able to select a team you want to play for and who you want to play with. 

  • You will also be able to sign up as a free-agent if you don't have a full-team to enter.

  • Team names are predefined but you will have a selection to choose from.

  • All teams require 15 players and a minimum of 2 Females!

  • We reserve the right to combine teams if needed.

  • We reserve the right to move players if need be to balance out the teams.

  • Every effort will be made to fulfill requests but they are not guaranteed.


Remember, this is a fun, non-contact league so, get your friends to sign up together and build a team the way you want!


If you are planning on signing up a full team, as Captain, you will need to contact us at: with a roster and further directions. Each team requires a Box Goalie and a minimum of two girls on each team.


As you sign up, you can also specify if you want to play with someone in particular.


Per Player Cost:

$117.16 if signed up by 3/14.

$137.16 if signed up by 3/15-3/21.

Sign ups close on 3/21 at 11:59 PM.


Sign-up costs cover:

  • Field Cost

  • Shooter Shirt 

  • Liability Insurance

  • Referees

  • Championship Trophies

  • And more...


Be sure to put in your cell and sign up for text message alerts! This is how we will communicate if there are any weather delays or cancellations.


To Sign up click button in the top right corner, and create an account. 


Choose a team if assigned or choose free agent.

Answer the questions, submit payment and start warming up for September 11th!


If you haven't played for 716Lacrosse yet:

Or don't care what team you are on, please sign up by choosing the Free Agents/Unassigned.

If there is someone you wish to play with, either current 716Player or someone else new to the league be sure you both note that during the sign up process. 

If you have any questions about the league before signing up, please email us at or call 716.946.8492


If you have played for 716Lacrosse Spring or Fall 2015; please note the following:

The account you created to sign up for Spring will work for Fall, so all your information is already set!

If you would like to return to your original team, please contact your captain and find out what Team # your new team will be. 


If you are a returning captain and plan on submitting a team again, please contact us at

If you would like to split off and create your own team, please email us at and let us know that and we will assign you a team number to have you and your teammates to sign up as.






Sign-ups are now open through 3/21/16.

The first 60 people to sign up receive a T-Shirt!

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