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(Apr. 20th 2017)

  • We will host an open floor time on May 19th 8:00-10:00 at Milsher.

  • We will not have a spring session due to Smoking Joes closing.

  • We will start back up in September for a Fall '17 season.

  • Hope to see everyone out at Milsher!

Female MVP

Tracy Johnston #11  

Team Attack

 Goals : 12

 Assist: 10

 Points: 22

Male MVP

Ty Godfrey #23

 Team Smash


Assist: 9

Points: 34

Goalie Award

Thomas Scott #35

Team Power





Shots/ Game: 22

 Saves: 211

 Save %: 0.868

Another Season Completed, Thank you to everyone that Played, see you in the fall!

iphone16 043

Congratulations Team Power

What's New:


  • Congratulations Team Power !

  • Congratulation Thomas Scott (TJ) on winning the  Goalie Award

  • Congratulation Tracy Johnston on winning the Female MVP Award

  • Congratulation Ty Godfrey on winning the Male MVP Award

  • Keep a look out for information on the Fall session

  • (716) lacrosse All- TIme Stats are now up



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